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DIY Hand Washer by SRC Team

The SRC has been assessing the outbreak of COVID-19 around the clock and we are deeply concerned both by the alarming levels of spread and severity, and by the alarming levels of inaction.

We also note that the World Health Organisation has described the situation as a pandemic and that this is the first pandemic caused by a coronavirus.

In response to WHO, and Zimbabwe national guidelines issued by the MoHCC, the SRC has taken the following measures;

1. Prepare and be Ready. - The SRC has been part of the wider stakeholders consultative and update meeting convened by the Bulawayo City of Health Department. The meetings have shared the City’s preparedness plan as well as emergency plans. The SRC has disseminated key and important feedback from this meeting to the stakeholders via WhatsApp messages and the SRC Updates and Hotline pages. We have also shared the City Health Rapid Response Team numbers with staff and stakeholders.

2. Reduce Transmission. - The SRC has availed alcohol-based hand sanitisers at the entry points of the Admin offices and Drop-in Centre. The SRC has also erected easy to use home made hand washing points at the DIC and Admin office, the staff participated in setting up these easy to use hand washing points.The SRC has with immediate effect called off all staff travel in and outside the country until further notice to prevent infection and spread of infection. We will remain on high alert for updates and any reports of staff and community members showing signs and symptoms of Corona virus.

3. Innovate and Learn. -The SRC has designed short messages for social media dissemination on the virus. The messages are easy to understand and have our organisational branding. We will continue to update all our stakeholders on information related to the virus through social media and IEC materials. The SRC has also circulated videos on YouTube and Twitter - alerting staff and rights holders of the virus as well as how to properly and effectively wash hands. We have also set up low cost hand washing models at all our offices and put up sanitisers at entry points.

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