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  • Awareness raising & access to information,

  • Mentorship and coaching of communities (Movement Building)

  • Social and Economic Empowerment,

  • Skills-building & capacity strengthening,

  • Defend Human Rights and monitor violations

  • Provision of safe social spaces (Drop In Centres, Support Groups and Solidarity Circles)

  • Demand generation & Linkages with Sexual Reproductive Health, social and clinical services 

  • Policy and human rights-based advocacy while reducing stigma in the community. 

  • Rapid Response (providing psycho-social, legal and medical support to distressed stakeholders)

  • Provision of safer sex commodities


We envision a society in which:

  • The lines between sex, gender and crime have been redrawn to recognize and respect the reality of human diversity

  • All people can claim their rights with dignity, work to realise their potential, and live full, happy lives

Let's Make A Change

Here are some ways you can contribute:


Be a Champion

Act against any discrimination, and stigma in your society.

Learn about EQUALITY

SRC has a wide database of resources to learn from

Make someone smile today

Love always!

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