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SRC COVID 19 household food relief for Sex Workers and LGBTI communities

This project will carry on for the next coming 3 months, starting with 200 sex workers in Bulawayo

Accompanying the hampers, the SRC Team included a solidarity message that read:

The Sexual Rights Centre (SRC) joins the rest of the world at large in responding to COVID-19 pandemic. The SRC is equally concerned about our Rights Holders and their families, and is taking active steps to respond to the situation. Our priority at this time is to support LGBTI, MSM and Sex Workers to ensure their wellbeing and that they receive correct and accurate information.

To that end, we continue emphasising the importance of following the national lockdown regulations. Let us all respect the stay at home and social distancing messages. In addition, let us all wash our hands frequently and thoroughly with soap under running water.

It is also extremely important for all of us to adhere to all our life-saving treatments. Make sure you have your supply of ART and PrEP, and take it as prescribed. Remember that defaulting treatment may actually lead to poor health outcomes and more complications which we all need to guard against. Sisters Clinic and PSI are open to offer clinical services to all of us.

If you have challenges in accessing clinical services please get in touch with the SRC team on the following numbers: Musa 0774665904, Moja 0773700173, Nombulelo 0777944981, Nozi 0772873435, Jonathan 0773456223, and Rolland 0773408607.

The support hamper that you have received from SRC is meant to compliment and encourage you to continue adhering to treatment and stay safe and healthy at home. In order to minimise stress, we encourage you to make sure the information that you are reading about COVID-19 is accurate and from a trusted source. Avoid reading information that creates fear, we need hope at this time more than ever.

In addition, take time to exercise, dance, laugh, and do enjoyable activities with family. Let us also support school going children with their homework and make it fun. If you need to talk to someone, get in touch with our counsellor on 0772351078.

The Rapid Response Team is also available to support you during the lockdown period; Mellisa 0776987529, Barbra 0772984308 and Nqobile 0773700278.

If you suspect you have COVID-19 symptoms, or you wish to get more information, you can also get in touch with the City of Bulawayo on these toll free numbers: 08084700 (Econet numbers only) 08004700 (Telone numbers only) 0292271290 (all networks) or whatsapp 0774668432.

Please let us all be calm and care for one another. There is currently no cure or vaccine for COVID-19, let us protect ourselves and protect each other. If it affects one of us, it affects all of us.

We care for all of you! SRC Team

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